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December 14th

Flat Screen TVs - Plasma vs. LCD and LED TVs (I bought an LCD TV) Plasma TV A plasma TV screen consists of millions of multi-colored gas-filled cells. When electricity passes through the cells they light up and produce a picture. Plasma TV screens have a much higher resolution than tube TV screens. In fact, the picture is so clear it's almost like watching a scene through a window. It's truly amazing how clear the picture is. Screen sizes range from 42" to 80" wide and are 3" to 4" thick. Click here to read more 

February 10th

Why I like Dish Network Over DirecTV (I’ve had them both) Both DirecTV and Dish Network have been battling for satellite supremacy for the past few years and have been under threat from Internet Protocol Television. Nevertheless, both offer great packages and both have their advantages to their services. In this blog review, I will be highlighting the advantages that Dish Network has over DirecTV. Here’s an updated Dish Network review and a recent DirecTV review that will help you decide which service is right for you. Click here to read more 

April 1st

What Is The Best Home Alarm System? (You can get one for less than $100) It is very easy to think that ‘it cannot happen to me’ because it is human nature to imagine that some of the worst occurrences only belong to others and not us. But that is not how things work out all the time. Crime, can visit anyone. And each time it happens, no one rings the bell to warn you beforehand. That is why it is prudent to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime by installing an intruder alarm on your property. And anyway, think about the practical and emotional damage that a break-in can cause. It may be hard to get over. On the other hand, if you install an alarm system in your home, you can enjoy the benefits that come with it. Click here to read more 

June 11th

Who Is the Best Internet Provider? (I have cable and love it) An ever growing number of people are finding their way online, as the internet has quickly become the way to shop, find information, connect with friends and family, or just play games. A big part of connecting to the internet is choosing a provider who can deliver the type of service that suits your specific needs. There are likely to be a number of options available to you, especially if you live in or near a large metro area, so let’s take a look at what’s out there. Click here to read more

July 31st

What’s The Best Type Of Water Filter For You? (mine cost less than $40) Drinking water is important as our bodies need it to keep our organs functioning at peak performance, but when one drinks water that has not been purified or filtered, the contaminants that are within the water tend to do our body harm. By getting a water filter, one can eliminate natural bacteria, and chemicals that are used to treat the water if you are in the city. Click here to read more
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