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Drinking water is important as our bodies need it to keep our organs functioning at peak performance, but when one drinks water that has not been purified or filtered, the contaminants that are within the water tend to do our body harm. By getting a water filter, one can eliminate natural bacteria, and chemicals that are used to treat the water if you are in the city. Types Of Filters If you live in the countryside, the filter can eliminate external sources of chemicals, as well as natural bacteria. There are many different kinds of water filters, and depending on your lifestyle you may want to choose either a faucet filter, under-the-sink filter, or a whole house system. The faucet filter tends to have a shorter lifespan when it comes to filters, just because it is constantly being handled. Whereas the under-the-sink filter tends to last longer that the faucet filter and the whole house system will last the longest but is also the most expensive to have. Shopping For Filters Keep in mind that when you are shopping for a filtration system, to take into account the performance of the product, the features it has, and what warranty and installation policy comes with it. Some water filtration systems to consider when looking to buy are: Aquasana AQ4600 – Under-the-Sink Aquasana Rhino  - Whole House Water System Brita Complete Faucet Filtration – Faucet System Crystal Quest Triple – Whole House Water System Pur Advanced – Faucet Water System Whirlpool WHED20 – Under-the-Sink System All of these water filtration systems have top notch performance, but do vary in features ranging from having water temperature indicators to carbon filters for pesticide elimination.  Depending on what type of home you reside in, will determine what type of filtration system you buy. If you are in an owned house, then buying a whole house filtration system would be a good investment. For those who live in a Condominium, then an under-the-sink would be suitable and for those who may live in apartments – a faucet filtration system may fit better.  Speaking from experience, a faucet filtration system is good for people who may move more often, or those who have water that may be heavily treated by the city they reside in. Personally speaking, having a Brita Complete Faucet System has made the water from my kitchen sink taste better, and has filtered out countless chemicals. In addition to performance, warranty, and features, making sure that the filter fits the lifestyle you carry is essential. I have a Filtrete Under Sink Filtration System and I love it. It works great, is easy to install, and it’s cheap.

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