Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Streamlining Your Campaigns

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In the world of business marketing, is always an essential tool to help your business stand out against its competition because marketing helps promote your products and services. But now in the modern age of technology, where almost everything is in the digital format and practically every business has a digital presence, this includes social media platforms, owned websites, and influencers that act as their promoters. To be able to stay competitive in this modern age of technology business owners have adapted the use of Marketing Automation wherein they would use certain software technologies that help their business strive and become automated without spending a fortune on traditional marketing advertisements.

By using marketing automation, it allows business owners to create personalized, targeted, and timely communications with their prospective clients without the hassle of giving out traditional marketing materials, this means that every marketing task has been automated to ensure efficiency and save money, time, and effort in the long run. There are several marketing automation tools that can be found on the internet today, but there are few that particularly stand out and the interface is easy to navigate and use even for an average person

Here are the Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Streamlining Your Campaigns

1. Hub Spot Marketing Hub

This is a comprehensive marketing tool that is automated and user-friendly, it offers a wide variety of tools that can be used by marketers to promote a certain type of product or business such as email marketing, lead generating, social media platform scheduling, and creation of landing pages. Despite the number of tools being provided by Hub Spot, it had remain user-friendly and still provides its user with an easy-to-understand interface plus creating an account is easy and secure.

2. Marketo Engine

This is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing automation tools since it is designed to be used at an enterprise level. Its features are considered to be top-of-the-line such as lead management, email marketing, lead analytics, and campaign management, some of its tools can also be seen on other tools but what makes it stand out is that it can be used globally without compromising the safety and security of the business owner in the digital world.

3. Pardot

This is a marketing tool that specializes in the salesforce of the business since it is tailored to B2B marketers wherein their primary focus is to increase the sales of the business in a time-efficient manner. Some of its notable features include lead scoring, return on investment reporting (ROI), and lead management. Its integration allows the seamless synchronization of data and helps it to be aligned with the sales team’s efforts.

4. Active Campaign

This is one of the most versatile marketing automation tools because it caters to both small and medium enterprises Its features are the usual email marketing, automated marketing workflows, integration of the CRM, lead scoring, and advanced reporting. Since it has a user-friendly interface perfect for business owners who are considered not tech-savvy, this is an excellent choice for marketing your business in the digital world. 

5. Mailchimp

This marketing tool is mostly known for its email marketing capabilities, wherein it focuses on solely creating email marketing advertisements such as customizing, and personalizing email advertisements perfect for specific clients who have a certain sales pitch that they always to be used in the marketing aspect of the business. It also allows the marketer to be able to integrate with e-commerce platforms that want to increase their sales.

Check out this reviews section for more information about other marketing software and tools.

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